Heat Pump Summit Neurenberg ‘groot succes’

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In het eindverslag dat onlangs is gepubliceerd, noemen de organisatoren van de Europese Warmtepomp-top van eind september de bijeenkomst een groot succes. Internationale specialisten kwamen op 28 en 29 september bijeen in Neurenberg om van gedachten te wisselen over het politieke kader, technische oplossingen en de vooruitgang in de ontwikkeling van de warmtepomp.

De eerste Europese Warmtepomp Summit die in 2009 werd georganiseerd, trok destijds om en nabij de 270 Europese deelnemers. Twee jaar later is dit aantal gegroeid tot 465, en ook het aantal participanten op de Foyer Expo is flink gegroeid. Mede dankzij het parallel georganiseerde Heat Pump Forum van het Bundesverband Wärmepumpe en het Symposium over lucht-lucht warmtepompen van het Zentralverband Kälte Klima Wärmepumpe werd een enorme hoeveelheid internationale know-how bijeengebracht.

Het volledige – Engelstalige – eindverslag:

Heat Pump Summit continues success story

• 465 experienced participants
• International congress programme
• More exhibitors at Foyer Expo

The second European Heat Pump Summit was another complete success. International specialists and heat pump experts met in Nürnberg from 28–29 September for an intensive exchange of views on the current political framework, technical solutions and advances in research and development. The triad of events with the partly parallel Heat Pump Forum organized by the Bundesverband Wärmepumpe (bwp – Federal Heat Pump Association) and the Symposium on Air-Air Heat Pumps for Commercial Property presented by the Zentralverband Kälte Klima Wärmepumpen (ZVKKW – Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Federation) concentrated the sector’s national and international know-how in Nürnberg.

Richard Krowoza, Member of the Management Board of NürnbergMesse, is very pleased with the second European Heat Pump Summit: “Heat pumps traditionally play a special role in Nürnberg. The high expectations of the participants and exhibiting companies after the successful premiere of the European Heat Pump Summit in 2009 have been topped in several ways in 2011. Distinctly more visitors, more international contacts and a more comprehensive congress programme have made the European Heat Pump Summit an all-round success.” The exhibiting companies are also pleased about the successful event. Matthias Gottesbueren, Marketing Manager Central Europe, SWEP: “We had high expectations of this year’s event following the success of the first European Heat Pump Summit. Our conclusion for 2011: they were exceeded. We had even more high-quality talks on our stand and made many new contacts. So we have already decided to be there again at the next Heat Pump Summit.”

High degree of internationality

465 conference participants travelled from all over the world for an extensive exchange of views. More than 30 per cent of them came from abroad. “The high acceptance shows us that our concept is well received. We are especially pleased about the large number of non-European participants. Experts from Japan and the USA also came to Nürnberg for information,” says Krowoza.

Triad of events on heat pumps

Krowoza also rates the triad of events favourably: “National aspects, which were dealt with at the partly parallel Heat Pump Forum organized by the Bundesverband Wärmepumpe (bwp) and the Symposium on Air-Air Heat Pumps for Commercial Property presented by the Zentralverband Kälte Klima Wärmepumpen (ZVKKW), enhanced the international focus of the European Heat Pump Summit in an ideal way.” Karl-Heinz Stawiarski, General Manager of the Bundesverband Wärmepumpe (bwp), is also satisfied: “The 9th Heat Pump Forum was a great success as in previous years and we always had a full house. Some 200 heat pump specialists enjoyed a lively exchange of views and updated on the latest developments. Our focus on geothermal energy attracted particularly keen interest, likewise our special insurance for drilling geothermal ground probes. From an overall viewpoint, the Foyer Expo was also very impressive.” Dr. Matthias Schmitt, General Manager of ZVKKW, is pleased: “The combination of the three events on heat pump technology was certainly unique and on the whole successful. This also enabled the participants to benefit from the exchange between the events. The very well attended symposium on VRF air-air heat pumps for heating and air conditioning of commercial property provided important information in this series, such as the possibility of heat transfer within a building. Due to the increasingly stricter standards for saving energy in public and private buildings, the heat pump will be able to and have to contribute its potential even more in the future. The refrigeration and air conditioning sector can therefore look to the future optimistically.”

International congress programme

The European Heat Pump Summit 2011 with its internationally orientated congress programme offered information at the highest level on the political framework in Germany and abroad, the latest research findings and technical solutions. Altogether 83 expert presentations covered the entire spectrum of heat pumps, supplemented by workshops and panel discussions. Top speakers impressed with their concentrated know-how and delighted the attending specialists with high-quality presentations.

Topical issues in focus

The highly professional presentations on the congress programme showed the way ahead for heat pumps and the latest state of research and development in Europe and worldwide. The highlights included the positive forecasts for the use of heat pumps in the IEA Outlook until 2050, the extensive presentations on refrigerants and the highly topical assessment of the EPEE F-Gas Review. The Workshop Industrial Heat Pump Application presented by the International Energy Agency (IEA) also attracted great interest. The complete congress programme is available at:

More exhibitors at the Foyer Expo

25 exhibitors used the Foyer Expo as an opportunity to present their innovative products and services. Günther Drews, Sales Director Germany, Grundfos, sums up: “A professional get-together for the sector with a very good atmosphere, and a thoroughly successful event for us. The quality of the presentations was high and we made contact with many international visitors. We feel at home in Nürnberg.” Peter Grolla, Regional Sales Manager Europe, Parker Hannifin Ltd, is also pleased: “The European Heat Pump Summit brings the international heat pump experts together. The many professional presentations that show the way for the future of heat pumps together with the Foyer Expo create an ideal platform for good business. A particularly positive aspect for us was the large number of international contacts we made.

The quality of the talks was consistently high, especially with visitors from Central Europe and the USA.” Volker Weinmann, Assistant Sales Manager, Rotex, is also delighted: “The concept of the international heat pump event is convincing. Compactly arranged, many high-quality talks with international visitors in an excellent atmosphere, plus information about new aspects of heat pump technology – the event was a resounding success for us. We are already looking forward to the next European Heat Pump Summit in Nürnberg.”

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